Laga Hav – Svenskt Tenn & The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economies
Eutrophication and overfishing threatens the global fish stocks and the ocean environment. Still, the demand on fish is expected to increase with another 50 million tons by 2025. However, there are alternative foods that even betters the ocean environment.

Laga Hav (Prepare the Ocean) is a cookbook with recipes that are good for the ocean. Seafarmed algaes, mussles and oysters filter nutrients out of the water without the need of energy-intensive feedstuff. One single mussle can filter 8-10 liters of water during one hour. If more people would demand locally seafarmed algaes, mussles and oysters the seafarms would expand and leave behind healthier ocean environments.

The cookbook is designed as a loose leaf system to be expandable and continuous.
Range of work:
Design, Art Direction, Photography


In collaboration with Svenskt Tenn and The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economies. Exhibited at Svenskt Tenn January 2018.


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